Creative Warrior 2 Day Workshop

A two day workshop where you can switch off from the world and go within yourself to express, experiment, be artistically free and create some art.

Program Overview

Exploring the feminine part of yourself through meditation, experimental art and intuitive practice. Self-exploration and portrait looking at powerful female artists and art to express parts of yourself which have been neglected. Through gentle meditation sessions, creative art making exercises and visual art journaling you will explore elements of yourself in a safe and supportive space.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone who loves art and has an open mind to being creative.



Glastonbury Goddess Centre, Glastonbury

(2019 Dates to be confirmed)

Belle Vue Park, Newport, Wales

(2019 Dates to to be confirmed)


2 Days 220 GBP

What is included…

Qualified teacher who will support and guide you

Materials (Students can bring own materials)



The Creative Warrior workshop handbook


Students will be guided through a series of experimental and creative techniques and ideas to enable them to become more open minded about creating and expressing their inner voices in a healthy and visually beautiful way. Students will work on creating a visual journal which they can use to record all the ideas and visual experiments learnt over the two days. At the end of the two days students would have completed a complete mixed media art piece that they can take away and be proud of.  If there is enough students participating over the year there will be an opportunity of a local group art exhibition to showcase their art works.