Making Art Helps to Heal my Soul 

Being a full time teacher makes it hard to find the time to focus on creating your own art. Over the years I have tried to join local community groups made up of artists and art teachers. I am currently part of a group called SIAC (Singapore International Artist Collective). 

It is so important to make the time to focus on creating art and even more so during the time of a pandemic. I am a strong believer that art is a therapy and that art helps heal the soul. Making art has helped me during my battle with Thyroid cancer, when I lost both of my parents, during times apart from my husband and dogs because of the virus and travel restrictions. It has helped me become a stronger more balanced person, it helps me keep myself together and helps me cope with life. 

I find it hard to get inspired and motivated sometimes so I usually use the free time I have just play, experiment, explore and see what the art mediums can do with each other. I love mixed media and my art work is colourful, bold and is intuitive. I love making marks, being expressive and try to express how I feel in that moment.