Welcome to my website ..

Art Teacher

Hello and welcome to my site, I am an International Middle School Art Teacher originally from Wales, Uk.  I have worked as an Art Educator and Teacher for 15 years and have worked with many diverse groups of people in many different institutions and community settings. Please pop along to my resume page to see my full work experience and qualifications. I love teaching art and am passionate about teaching my students how to be free, experimental, to explore and have fun just being creative. My career as an Art Educator started by working in an art gallery when I was 22 and progressed to teaching out in the community, in schools, prisons and then into schools internationally. 

Creative and Artist

My creative story started when I was very young, my mother was an amazing artist and I have fond memories of her creating large Disney art works with lots of glitter and making animal themed birthday cakes making zoo animals from icing. I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a very creative household where being arty and creative was encouraged. I think this upbringing and influence from my mother has made me an artist who always thinks outside of the box. I am always passionate about finding unique, experimental and exciting ways to make marks and create colourful art. I have a very expressive, experimental and bold art style and love to use art to help to heal and make sense of how I am feeling in this crazy world. I have always LOVED the German Expressionist movement and have always been fascinated with how art can be used a tool for therapy to help heal, make sense of the world we live in and to express ourselves in a positive way. In 2015 I worked on my solo exhibition called Healing Within a Sacred Space the body of work I created helped me explore some of these ideas. Click to see the art works from the exhibition.  



Dog Lover

I am a huge dog lover and have a Border Collie cross called Draco a Yulin meat truck survivor from China. We adopted him whilst living in Shenzhen and moved him to the UK where he is loving living a free and happy life. I wanted to help the rescue group Karuna Rescue who saved dogs and cats all year around in China and so I spent a year working on a solo art exhibition called 10,000 Collars. Click on Draco's face to find out more. 


I also have a beautiful and loving blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tuco. He is an amazing, loyal, gentle and loving dog. He has been an amazing little brother to Draco helping him recover from his previous trauma and to teach  him how to be a fun loving dog. 


When I had just turned 30 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer had to have a full thyroidectomy and undergo radioactive iodine treatment. During this time my mother suddenly and unexpectedly died followed 2 years later by my fathers unexpected and sudden death. I have been through a lot of challenges throughout my life that have made me the strong, independent woman I have become. It is also as a result of these traumatic life changing events that I am able to deal with everything life throws at me and do it with strength and level headedness. I also strongly believe that creativity and having the freedom to express all feelings makes you more able to cope with whatever life has to throw at you.


I created this website as I want to share with likeminded people, teachers, artists, dog lovers, survivors, creators, people who have had challenges through life and have emerged stronger and wiser and more focused on living life and people who just love art!! I have always wanted to put myself out here but the time has never felt right.....being in this pandemic in 2020 seems to be the time..who would have thought? I hope to connect with art teacher, artists, dog lover communities to share my successes, failures and everything in between.